About Us

There are a lot of pawn shops in Tampa. How do you choose between them? This page is here to help you understand the differences between East Tampa Pawn, all the other different pawn shops in the Tampa bay area.


For years the big corporate shops have gained market share by loaning more money than the private shops. Their sheer size and numbers allowed them to advertise more and loan more. This crippled the little guys… forcing many to go out of business or sell out to the giants. The few “mom and pop” pawn shops remaining in Tampa were forced to be tighter with the loan money, maximizing each transaction to its fullest. This gave them an unhealthy, but true, reputation for being cheap and always trying to beat a customer over the head. I worked at one of the mom and pop shops that got that reputation after its founder past away years ago. As I watched business head to the big corporate pawn shops…

I knew I had to do something.


People prefer the little guys. Those little shops untethered to a corporate headquarters and able to make customized loans tailored to a particular customers needs. I tried changing the new ownerships treatment of customers, but was quickly put in my place. After too many times of being told to get my own pawnshop if I didn’t like how I was being forced to treat my customers, on August 16th 2014, I left that Pawn Shop in Tampa and opened East Tampa Pawn and Gun one week later. So, here I am to let you know that there is an option out there. Whats the difference? Let me start with how you will be treated.

At ETP&G you will be treated with respect and not like you are forcing an employee to work. You will be assisted promptly. Rarely will you find the long lines so commonly
found with the big corporate pawn shops in Tampa. You will be offered top dollar on anything of value. East Tampa Pawn and Gun offers interest 5 percent cheaper than our competitors, and you will only pay for the days you use in your second month of a pawn. This means it costs you less to pick up you merchandise and insures that you aren’t gouged for time you never used. I can customize a loan for your specific needs including writing loans for 60, 90, and even 120 days. Our loans are always renewable/extendable simply by paying a minimum of one months service charge. We also offer emergency extensions in the event that your pawn is due and you can’t come up with the service charge due to an unforeseen event so common in our lives. Finally we are one of the few pawn shops in Tampa open early and late and Sundays. Our hours are easy 8AM to 10PM on Monday through Saturday, and on Sunday…  we’re STILL open til 8pm, to be there for you when you need us. So if you are looking for a pawnshop in Tampa, I would ask you to give us a try and will promise to do everything possible to make your experience the best you have had.



Thank You!!

Charles Gomez

President ETG&P