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The Watchmen is a DJ crew from Miami, FL comprised of Venomous One, Seize, and Hexx

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VENOMOUS ONE  >>>       venomous one

Venomous One has always been involved in music in some way, and electronic music had become a staple in his life since the mid 1990’s when he first discovered it.

He has been in the club scene since that time and ever since, always studying music and perfecting his craft. Mixing to him is more than just putting together two records, he analyzes what makes people move and believes in challenging himself when he mixes music together instead of just hitting the sync button and letting computers or machines do it all for him. When he mixes he prefers the closest feeling to a live performance with his own two hands, his music, his creativity and his decks.

As a kid Venomous One grew up listening to Miami Bass and Freestyle on the radio. Most of his influence for EDM comes from there, and also as he got older, from the early days of the underground music scene in Miami; and also what was happening with underground electronic dance music in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and all across Europe.

Venomous’ musical background comes from performing in rock bands playing the bass as a kid and he also has an Associates degree in Sound Engineering. He has been collecting records and mixing since he first bought his first pair of Technics back in 2003. He collects and spins everything from Old School Florida Breaks to Electro, Miami Bass, House, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Techno, and IDM.

Venomous has been fortunate enough to play for some of the most recognized production companies in Florida and the U.S. since 2004, from Culture Productions, Project Mayhem, Ultra Productions, and Lexyn Intelligence to Future Sounds of Breaks and Spirit of Sound. He’s played for various kinds of events and parties, from a massive halloween party in Puerto Rico hosted by LoboGamma with over a thousand people in attendance, to a carribean fashion show in the Bahamas, to Mardi Gras in New Orleans with the TLA Louisiana crew and almost everywhere in between. Venomous has played numerous raves, nightclubs, house parties, park parties, and had guest spots on internet and radio broadcasts including UM’s the voice 90.5, FIU’s Radiate 88.1, South Florida’s the Womb, Breaks FM, Glitch Radio and now recently he has a show together with his crew the Watchmen on

Not limited to just the club scene, he’s also been booked at a variety of events such as store performances; including the Adidas store in South Beach, Downtown Miami’s Sweat records, and Orlando’s High Society. He’s spun at different college campuses and has played for Dade County charity events such as for cancer awareness. Venomous also plays for private clients as well as corporate gatherings under Tony C.

In 2009 himself and fellow breaks and electro Dj, Seize, formed the Watchmen, and enlisted third crew member Hexx shortly thereafter. The three of them together as the Watchmen, and also playing independantly, have been billed to spin alongside Krafty Kuts, R-Fresh, DJ Icey, Heavy Grinder, Datsik, Ed Rush and Optical, Curtis B., Dj Craze, Storm, Scratch D, 7 miles of music, BFX, Brice Kelly, SuperGenius, Hydraulix, Floorkilla, Volsoc, Lee Burridge, 2 Live Crew, Otto von Schirach, George Acosta, Edgar V., Excision, Bare, Reid Speed, and many others throughout the years.

Venomous One takes the music he loves and plays his vision of EDM wherever he plays, its always with his heart into it because he want his listeners to feel the music and get excited by it the same way that he does when he plays it.

Aside from Dj’ing Venomous also works on production and remixes and has a show with the Watchmen called AREA 305 every Sunday from 6-8pm on


seize <<<  SEIZE

Seize was introduced to the scene at the young age of 16 years old…ever since his first few parties during those late nights/early mornings in south florida, he became heavily obsessed with the magical 808 sound that was coming out from that era. He started searching and hunting these rare underground tracks he would only hear certain djs from back then play, and began collecting these records. During that time many of his friends were already starting to play locally and he would steer away from doing so purposely although to others he was always known for having exceptional taste in music. He would cut & paste mix tapes for others, and would even at times pick out the tracks and records for his friends that were already spinning while record shopping.

Part of the reason he didn’t want to start spinning back then was he had been playing drums since age of six, so in his mind he dreamed of one day analog producing these beats…but it wasn’t until the year 1999 that he realized that time was going by without him putting his musical skills to use, and he started touching turntables finally mainly at his friends houses and or during local house parties. And that’s how it all started. In the year 2002 Seize began officially spinning out at club parties in Miami and later became resident DJ for the weekly “The Union” along with DJ’s Solo, Medley, Lady T & Sum1 in Coconut Grove. He played at many popular underground events during those later years. In the year 2009 in an attempt to promote themselves, The Watchmen was formed.



HEXX  >>>   hexx i
Hexx started playing in early 2000’s, mostly influenced by Breaks and Electro. These past few years he’s been getting more into House, Tech and Minimal thats been really inspiring him lately. He plays because he felt inspired with the old school music scene and the krazy beats, mostly Electro and IDM. Hexx felt like he wanted and needed to be a part of it. He would like to see himself in the future experimenting with other genres of music; and he quotes that he “loves to see sexy girls move their ass to the music and everybody having fun”. Hexx has been performing between his native Puerto Rico and Miami for the past few years.






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