Bubble Bobble 5 – DJ HK

I don’t know how to start this post off because I’m so excited right now.

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I’m takin this motherfucker with me to Bubble Bobble 5

I landed in Phoenix late last night and after having many issues trying to get into my room (the room key scanner thing won’t read my card for the room unless I slide it down at a weird angle), I’m finally all settled in. I have my giant belt of kandi (thanks Alex and Hallie!!!!), my business cards, my promo CDs, and my brand new e-cigs so I can get shit done and not HAVE to leave this room.

I guess I should probably explain why I’m even here in the first place. I had an awkward run with shows a few months ago where people were booking me for stuff out of state and then I had 3 different shows cancel on me in the span on a few days. Sucks, right? Doesn’t matter though because it happens and it’s all being part of a DJ. My thoughts about stuff like that is when things don’t work out the way you want them to, bigger things are about to happen. This is that bigger thing.

One show that had cancelled was a show in Arizona. So I did some checking around to see if any shows were still open. I inquired with a show that I thought was full and they threw me on the bill! I was already incredibly stoked to play this show because I FINALLY get the chance to meet some of MY idols (I come from a very Electro, Trance, and Dub heavy state). My excitement grew when I decided to be a fan girl and contact Breeze and Klubfiller on twitter asking for a picture and they said yes. Now I don’t know what to do with myself because I’m playing after Klubfiller and Breeze on the main stage. 1am.

I took a nap in my hotel room and woke up to the time slots and saw that. I thought my eyes were messed up because I just woke up. So I check again. Nope. Still the same slot I looked at. I am so pumped for this show! I feel like a little yappy dog or something right now.

dog, crazy, funny
Ok. Maybe not THIS kind of crazy dog though.

Bubble Bobble 5 – Ultra Bust-A-Move is being hosted by 1 Vibe Events, Mike Saga, and OCP featuring DJ HK (myself), Krikett, FlapJack, Chris Smooth, Breeze and Klubfiller!


Saturday – March 23rd, 2013
1300 South Country Club Drive #105
Mesa, Arizona 85210
All responsible ages. Doors 7pm to 3am

Time Slots:

Main Stage:

700 Kromozome
800 Maromi
900 Flapjack
1000 Rize/Mako
1100 Klubfiller
1200 Breeze
100 HK
200 Chris Smooth

Foam Stage

700 Widget
730 Buddha
830 Inertia
1000 Mando
1100 Nuck n Futs
1200 Skull Kids
100 Krickett
200 Spyder

3rd Stage

700 Killah ranks
800 Sparrow
900 Abstrakt
1000 Fawk Unek
1100 Basik
1200 Sesso
100 CIK
200 Matt Dunn

So if you happen to be one of my Arizona supporters, I expect to see you at this show! With scented foam (wat). I’ll have my giant kandi belt ready to go! The first 55 people to find me and get a piece will also get a copy of my promo mix along with it!


Bubble Bobble 5 Flyer
Official Bubble Bobble flyer

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